Hall of Fame Location
Symposium Signin
Hall of Fame Display
Ed and Pat Sanders, Tom Dillon
We love vendors!
Presbyterian Dallas Table
Busy Signin
Happy to see several vendors!
Todd Whitthorne answering questions
Stadium Tour
Sucato Award Recipient: Monty Knapp

      Monty Knapp Receives        Justin Sucato Award 

Dr. Bevan Thomas, USMD

Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas 

Gayle Wilkins, Al Henderson-Tuskegee Chapter

 Gayle Wilkins, RN, PC Resource Center at Harris; Al Henderson, Tuskegee Chapter FW 

Wolfram Blattner, Todd Witthorne

Wolfram Blattner & Todd Whitthorne 

Wanda Strange, Us TOO Medical City
Ed and Pat Sanders, Tom Dillon
Visitor from Arkansas!
Stadium Tour: Dugout