Take-Away Messages from the Symposium 

Mark Moyad, MD, Univ. of Michigan, education

Dr. Mark Moyad, University of Michigan 

A diet has to be heart-healthy
Arthur Sagalowski, MD; UT-Southwestern, treatment

Dr. Arthur Sagalowski, UT-Southwestern

There is no proof of cardiovascular side-effects due to ADT: we simply don't know

John Nemunaitis, MD; Mary Crowly, advanced cancer

Dr. John Nemunaitis, Mary Crowley

I have a vision:
Cancer is curable by 2020
Arthur Schindler; Livestrong, awareness

Athan Schindler, Livestrong

Livestrong is available to help with cancer related issues

John Janowski, Survivor; Speaker, education

John Janowski, Survivor 

Reduce stress and you reduce recurrence

Jaren Smith, Survivor; Award Winner; Us TOO Education

Jaren Smith, Survivor

There is more to dealing with cancer than treatment

Noah's, Irving;education, awareness


Symposium Sponsors, support

Sponsors included Pharmaceuticals and most Medical Institutions

NTxPCC Table, education and awareness

It's all about Education

Do You Smoke? 10-15%
Low Cholesterol (LDL<100) 10%
Normal Blood Pressure 10%
Normal Glucose 10%
Normal WC/No Belly Fat 10-15%
Normal Mental Health/Low Stress 10%
Fruits and Veggies > 1 serving/day 5%
Moderate Alcohol 10%
Average Exercise 30 Min/Day 10%
Everything Else Moyad Said?
Breakfast, community support
Pat Fulgham, MD; education

Symposium Chair:

Dr. Pat Fulgham
Lunch at Noah's; community support
Angie Clark, Program coordinator, education

All of the credit goes to

Angela Clark