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Immunotherapy for men on Active Surveillance?
More High-Risk PCa now in the US than Before
Managing Emotions after Cancer Treatment
PCIF: 2018 Patient Guide
New drug approved for non-metastatic castration resistant PCa: Apalutamide (Erleada)
The Physics of Cancer
FoundationOne CDx genetic/genomic test approved
Is there a link between sugar and cancer?
Obesity and Prostate Cancer
Vitamin C and Cancer
Hormone Therapy
Vessel sparing IMRT 
Herbs and Recurrence
What not to say to a cancer patient
Number of Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases Soars: US Study
Exercise is as Effective in Treating Metastatic PCa as Medication
Dr. Weber's PCa Commentary, 2016 (DECIPHER)
FDA approves generic Viagra
FDA approves HIFU for ABLATION (only)
Salvage prostatectomy after failed radiation treatment
No more Gleason? New Grading System?
Environment, Lifestyle and Cancer
Repeat PSA test prior to biopsy
10 Tips to Cut Your Cancer Risk
Vitamin D May Keep Low-Grade PCa from Becoming Aggressive
Smokers are Twice at Risk of Recurring after Prostatectomy
Whats the Difference between a Urologist and a Medical Oncologist
Active Surveillance Increasing in the US
Nerve Sparing and Incontinence
Did PSA Test's Decline Spur Rise in PCA?
AS in Intermediate Risk Patients Carries 4-Fold Mortality Risk
Diets: Low Fat? Low Carb?
The LANCET, Dec. 2014: European Trial after 13 years
WebMD, Oct. 2014: High Cholesterol and Prostate Cancer Return

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