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North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition offers a program for newly diagnosed men allowing them to obtain a basic knowledge of the factors involved in decision-making leading to improved treatment and outcome.
          1 in 8
  men will be diagnosed
  with prostate cancer.
    You are Not Alone!



The Long Term Survivor program provides a means for survivor to patient contact. The main function of this program is for survivors to listen to men's concerns and questions and help find answers to those questions and concerns. Sharing information based on their treatment and side effect experience is an important part of the exchange. The information exchange is done either by phone or at face-to-face sessions at survivor chat programs.  Survivor chat sessions are offered Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm at the Prostate Cancer Resource Center in Fort Worth: "Let's Talk on Tuesday … about Prostate Cancer"; stop by and visit. A list of NTxPCC Long Term Survivor volunteers is provided on this website. Feel free to call these LTS volunteers about their experience for specific treatments.


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