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    Phillip Forman
Cancer Resource Center

Every 3rd Thursday (except Dec.), 7:00 pm, 
7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX, 75230; 
Building E, Classroom 2.

Facilitator: Phillip Foreman 
7777 Forest Lane, Building A-100, Dallas, TX, 75230
972-566-3139 (office)
214-232-9530 (cell)
469-484-2314 (fax)

Survivor Contact:  Bruce Stahl; 

Bruce Stahl, Survivor Contact, awareness

Survivor Contact: 
Bruce Stahl

We are joining the NTxPCC monthly Forum sessions , 2nd Monday of the month! 


Past Meetings

Jan 17, 2019    Joe Fornear, Stronghold Ministry: "Coping with Cancer"
Feb 21, 2019   Aaron Hunt, MS, LPC: "Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction"
Apr 18, 2019   Cooper Lee, MBA: "FitSteps for Life"
May 16, 2019   Leah Plato, Research PA: "Clinical Trials - New Developments in Prostate Cancer"
June 20, 2019  Dr. Carol Law, PT: Prostate Cancer & Your Pelvic Health
July 22, 2019  Sheryl Walker, M.S.CGC, Hereditary Prostate Cancer
Aug 15, 2019   Ramona Taverse, MSN, RN AGACNP-BC, CHPN: "Advanced Directives and the "Conversation Project"
Sept 19, Molly Sutton:"Health Awareness for Seniors"
Oct 17, 2019   Stephanie Evans, RD, LD: "Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle & Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays"
Nov 21, 2019  Nishia Livingston, MA: "Dallas Cancer Care Community"
Jan. 16, 2020  Joe Fornear. (Stronghold Ministry) "Coping with Cancer"
Feb. 20, 2020  Tawanna St. Louis, Why Genetics is important for Prostate Cancer