National/International Organizations and Sites

There are a number of websites for prostate cancer; we are listing the most prominent and pertinent sites.

    - American Cancer Society (ACS); Man to Man groups used to be under the ACS umbrella; however ACS has dropped this program in 2013.
    - Johns Hopkins Medicine: James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute; Information on cancers and related issues
    - National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC): "Zero"; This page provides information on detection, treatment options, other ...
    - Malecare
    - Prostate Cancer Foundation
      - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
    - Prostate Cancer Roundtable (Advocacy)
    - PSA-Rising (Facebook)
    - The "New" Prostate Cancer Infolink
    - U.S. National Health Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute:  What you need to know about prostate cancer
    - Women Against Prostate Cancer
    - You Are Not Alone (YANA)
    - ZERO

State & Local Connections

Local connections include general services that are not prostate cancer specific, but address survivorship programs, programs for financial assistance and, etc. for all cancers. Programs directed at general wellness are essential for long term survival.
   - Cancer Care Services, Fort Worth
   - Good Days (formerly Chronic Disease Fund), Plano
   - Mankind Organization for PCa awareness and research, Dallas
   - Prostate Cancer Resource Center, Texas Health, Harris Methodist, Fort Worth
   - Texas Prostate Cancer Support Groups
   - Texas Reel Recovery
   - Urology Research & Education Foundation, Dallas

Information on Clinical Trials

Men are reluctant to participate in clinical trials. These trials are not only essential for for future dealings with cancer, but they oftentimes provide new treatments for cancer not yet available to most patients. The importance in participating in clinical trials increases with cancer advancement as new treatments are available at this time to cure advanced metastasized prostate cancer.

   - National Cancer Institute, Clinical Trials
   - National Cancer Institute, Results of Clinical Trials


Fitness activities are an important part for recovery and overall survival. 
   - Cancer Foundation for Life (CFFL) is offering a free individualized fitness program (FitSTEPS) for cancer survivors. CFFL currently  has 8 locations in the Dallas/Plano area.



 As Facebook became more and more popular, a number of prostate cancer related pages are available in Facebook.
   - North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition
   - September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Think Blue
   - Join the "Prostate Cancer Support Group". This group has over 5,000 members.