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The purpose of this website is to coordinate between prostate cancer support groups and other prostate cancer awareness groups within the North Texas Communities, providing information on prostate cancer and on important local events. Our coalition was established to better serve prostate cancer survivors in the area. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Mission Statement: To inform the Texas community by providing coordinated educational support about prostate cancer for all men and their families, and to be a collective voice in elevating prostate cancer to major health priority status in the State of Texas through increased awareness and advocacy.

Current Contributing Member Groups

50 Hoops, Dallas
Fort Worth Prostate Cancer Support Group at Moncrief
Texas Center for Proton Therapy Prostate Support Group
Us TOO, Medical City Dallas
Urology Research & Education Foundation
Us TOO TH Presbyterian-Plano

Affiliated Member
Tyler Prostate Cancer Awareness Program (PCAP)

We gratefully acknowledge medical advice provided by

Kevin D Courtney, MD, PhD (UT Southwestern)
Pat F Fulgham, MD (Urology Clinics; Director, Surgical Oncology, 
                                    TH Presbyterian, Dallas
Peter A LaNasa, MD (USMD, Prostate Cancer Center)
Frank (Trey) Moore, MD (UPNT)
Claus G Roehrborn, MD (UT SW Med. Center at Dallas)
Ashley E Ross, MD. PhD (Northwestern University, Chicago)
Matthew D Shuford, MD (Baylor Dallas/Urology Clinics)
Dan J Sucato, MD (Texas Scottish Rites Hospital)
Lalan S Wilfong, MD (TH Presbyterian Dallas/Texas Oncology)

 Look also for a list of all known Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Texas.

NTxPCC, Monthly Meeting Schedule, Support Groups

Please note: in response to the new status of COVID-19 now being considered a pandemic, all meetings and Survivor Chats are temporary suspended. Please understand that this is for YOUR safety!
The Coalition now has started combination zoom meetings. 
Please check schedules on the combi page.

 Week 1  Tues       11:00 am, Texas Center for Proton Therapy Support Group
                               6:30 pm, Us TOO Plano

Week 3    Mon       6:00 pm, Fort Worth Prostate Cancer SG at Moncrief
                               6:30 pm, Us TOO Presbyterian/Dallas
                                               No December Meeting
                Thu         7:00 pm, Medical City Dallas
                                               No December meeting

Week 4    Tues        5:30 pm, Us TOO UREF SG

Note: Survivor Chat: "Let's Talk on Tuesday ..." is scheduled 
EVERY Tuesday! 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

For information on programs offered by our support groups in a particular month, go to Home. Member information as well as directions to support groups are found under Members.

If you have comments on this website please contact NTXPCaCoalition.
If you are interested in becoming a contributing group Please call Tom Dillon at 972-998-5221.
If you want to be added to or removed from electronic mailing of updates to this site, please notify us through NTXPCaCoalition.

  Member Locations (interactive)

For exact chapter locations go to



NTxPCC Officers

Tom Dillon (President) tjdillon@aol.com
Tom Brown (Vice-President) btabdm1@att.net 
Tom Reynolds (Treasurer) tom@reynoldscattle.com
Anthony Nagy (Secretary) ajxnagy@gmail.com
Wolfram Blattner (Past President) wolfblatt@charter.net
Terry Theiss (Member-at-Large) theiss33@verizon.net

NTxPCC Directors

Bob Barnett, Michael Hall, Tom Hulsey, Richard Kazura, Wanda Strange, Gregg Wallace, Bob Williams

NTxPCC Board Members

Tom Dillon

Tom Brown

Tom Reynolds

Anthony Nagy

 Terry Theiss

 Wolfram Blattner

Bob Barnett

 Michael Hall

Tom Hulsey

Richard Kazura

Wanda Strange

Gregg Wallace


Bob Williams