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PCa Support Groups in Texas
PCa Support Groups in the DFW Area 2020
New Risk Calculator (after PSA testing)
PCa Drugs Updated (NCI, March 2, 2017)
2020 Brochure: "What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer"
Spanish Brochure: "Lo Que Debe Saber Sobre El Cáncer De La  Próstata" 
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Sponsors and Supporters

Most facilities have banned all non-essential meetings, especially those involving outside groups for several months.  This also applies to vendors and outside groups from having meetings on campus.  This is in response to the new status of COVID-19 now being considered a pandemic. Please understand that this is for YOUR safety!

Though the Let's Talk on Tuesday Chat is currently not offered at Harris, you are encouraged to contact current Survivor Chat Members by phone.

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Combined Support Group Zoom Sessions in RED
(every second Monday of the month)

 Feb. 8, 2021 (Mon); Dr. Pat Fulgham, TBA See more.                          6:45 pm discussion, 7:00 pm speaker 

 Feb. 15, (Mon),    7:00 pm,  FW PCSG 

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Brad Nowlin: 10 Things Cancer has Taught me!
Prostate cancer deaths

Texas is doing something right! But, ...

ZERO rated Texas B, C and B- in 2006, 2007 and 2008, respectively, which takes into account screening and mortality rates, state insurance mandates and  support for prostate cancer-related legislation).

                   Texans Deserve an A!

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