Dear Friends and Supporters of Us TOO,

University of Iowa researchers are conducting Phase 2 research studies of a vaccine to treat men with recurrent prostate cancer. The
studies are enrolling two patient populations into separate treatment protocols.

Protocol #1
Men with the first evidence of recurrent disease following initial treatment as determined by a continued rise in PSA levels
Protocol #2
Men with castrate-resistant prostate cancer who have been treated by hormone therapy and continue to progress with or without evidence of the spread of the cancer.

Each person will be screened for eligibility to enter the study and, if accepted, will receive three vaccinations, each 30 days apart, followed by regular visits to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics to follow their immune status, clinical laboratory analyses, and status of their recurrent disease.

Details can be found at -- trials NCT00583752 and NCT00583024.

Interested men should contact the Clinical Trial Coordinator, Ms. Pamela Zehr, RN, MA at 319-353-8914;

Please feel free to forward this message along to other patients or caregivers you know who are dealing with prostate cancer, or to
physicians who might be interested in sharing the information with their patients. Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation.

Thomas Kirk
President & CEO
Us TOO International
Downers Grove, IL 60655
Office: 630-795-1002
Toll Free: 800-808-7866

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