Take-Away Messages from the Symposium 

Mark Moyad, MD, Univ. of Michigan

Dr. Mark Moyad, University of Michigan

A diet has to be heart-healthy
Arthur Sagalowski, MD; UT-Southwestern

Dr. Arthur Sagalowski, UT-Southwestern

There is no proof of cardiovascular side-effects due to ADT: we simply don't know

John Nemunaitis, MD; Mary Crowly

Dr. John Nemunaitis, Mary Crowley

I have a vision:
Cancer is curable by 2020


Arthur Schindler; Livestrong

Athan Schindler, Livestrong

Livestrong is available to help with cancer related issues


John Janowski, Survivor; Speaker

John Janowski, Survivor

Reduce stress and you reduce recurrence

Jaren Smith, Survivor; Award Winner

Jaren Smith, Survivor

There is more to dealing with cancer than treatment


Noah's, Irving


Symposium Symposium Sponsors

Sponsors included Pharmaceuticals and most Medical Institutions

NTxPCC Table at Symposium

It's all about Education

Do You Smoke? 10-15%
Low Cholesterol (LDL<100) 10%
Normal Blood Pressure 10%
Normal Glucose 10%
Normal WC/No Belly Fat 10-15%
Normal Mental Health/Low Stress 10%
Fruits and Veggies > 1 serving/day 5%
Moderate Alcohol 10%
Average Exercise 30 Min/Day 10%
Everything Else Moyad Said?


Pat Fulgham, MD

Symposium Chair:

Dr. Pat Fulgham
Lunch at Noah's
Angie Clark, Program coordinator

All of the credit goes to

Angela Clark


Sponsors, Symposium 2012

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