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Dr. Weber's PCa Commentary, 2016 (DECIPHER)
FDA approves generic Viagra
FDA approves HIFU for ABLATION (only)
Salvage prostatectomy after failed radiation treatment
No more Gleason? New Grading System?
Environment, Lifestyle and Cancer
Repeat PSA test prior to biopsy
Proton Beam Center in Metroplex ready to open.
10 Tips to Cut Your Cancer Risk
Vitamin D May Keep Low-Grade PCa from Becoming Aggressive
Smokers are Twice at Risk of Recurring after Prostatectomy
Whats the Difference between a Urologist and a Medical Oncologist
Active Surveillance Increasing in the US
2015 Prostate Cancer Early Detection Guidelines, NCCN
Nerve Sparing and Incontinence
Did PSA Test's Decline Spur Rise in PCA?
AS in Intermediate Risk Patients Carries 4-Fold Mortality Risk
Diets: Low Fat? Low Carb?

The LANCET, Dec. 2014: European Trial after 13 years
WebMD, Oct. 2014: High Cholesterol and Prostate Cancer Return
Cancer Network, Sep. 2014: New Guidelines for Advanced PCa
ASCO, Sept. 2014: XTANDI approved before Chemo
USMD, Sep. 2014: Soldiers Deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan at higher PCa Risk
Medical News Today, 1 May 2014: Vitamin D deficiency may predict aggressive prostate cancer
Memorial Hermann, March 2014: PHI Test now available in Texas
Bottomlinepublications.com, October 2013: Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs
Current: Cancer Insurance Checklist
Dr. GEO, 2014: Cancer Fitness and Exercise, Prostate Cancer Fitness
Dr. Weil: Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid
Institute of Medicine, September, 2013: Delivering High Quality Cancer care - System in Crisis
Medscape, August 30, 2013: Insurers Nix Payment for Prostate Cancer (note: proton beam only; does not include Medicare!)
ProstateCancerInfolink, August 25, 2013: Significant new trials for high risk or advanced PCa
Bloomberg, August 6, 2013: Prostate Test Warrants Rational Use
Patient Access Network, 2013: Co-PAY Assistance for Metastatic Castrate Resistant PCa (ZERO)
AUA News, August, 2013: Active Surveillance: Rational but Risky for Some 
Johns Hopkins, June 25, 2013: Active Surveillance May Miss Aggressive Cancers in Black Men
Finances.yahoo.com, May 15, 2013: FDA Approves Xofigo (radium 223 chloride)
ProstateCancerInfolink, May 8, 2013: AUA/ASTRO Guidelines for  Radiation After Prostatectomy
MedPage Today, May 7, 2013: AUA Guidelines for Treatment of Advanced PCa
UsNews Health, Feb. 21, 2013: Blood Thinners May Boost Survival, but too early to recommend.
ProstateCancerInfolink, Jan. 31, 2013: Functional Outcomes of RP and RT treatments performed in 1994/95.
Medical Press, Jan. 25, 2013: Prostate cancer cells thrive on stress
American Society of Cancer Oncology (ASCO): Cancer Survivorship (ASCO- pdf)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Sloan Kettering Screening Guidelines

Sept. 2014: 

Drugs Approved by FDA for Prostate Cancer

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