Molly Sutton, MS, RN, OCN

 Med. City Contact: 
Carla Stewart BS, MBA

Every 3rd Thursday (except Dec.), 7:00 pm, 
7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX, 75230; 
Building E, Classroom 2.

Facilitator: Molly Sutton, MS, RN, OCN; 
972-566-2874 (office), 972-589-1221 (off. cell); 
Contact: Carla Stewart, BS, MBA; 
972-566-5444 (office), carla.stewart@hcahealthcare.com
Survivor Contact:  Bruce Stahl; 
972-235-6819; BStahl@prodigy.net

Bruce Stahl, Survivor Contact

Survivor Contact: 
Bruce Stahl
Next Meeting: June 21

We hope that you are having a great week. Our next scheduled meeting is fast approaching. Feel free to bring a friend  as we discuss the topic, “Healthy Aging” with our very own Molly Sutton.

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