The Coalition's 1st Step

North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition (NTxPCC) is based upon a website created in late spring of 2008. The original purpose of this website was to communicate monthly events of local prostate cancer support groups and of other events related to prostate cancer. By the end of 2008, seven support groups within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex had joined: Man-to-Man, FW; Us TOO Baylor/Dallas, Us TOO Baylor/Plano, Us TOO Medical City/Dallas, Us TOO Presbyterian/Dallas, Man-to-Man at Medical City/Plano and Us TOO Mid-Cities. At a first meeting on February 17, 2009, the members agreed to work as a coalition, pursuing three programs as the main projects for the first year of the Coalition (see bottom of page). The Prostate Cancer Awareness Program (PCAP) in Tyler joined the Coalition in June 2010, 50 Hoops (Dallas) joined in December 2011.
An organizational meeting was held on October 21, 2009 resulting in the election of three (3) Directors, as required for the filing of incorporation with the State of Texas. The Directors were Tom Dillon, Justin Sucato and Wolfram Blattner. Current Directors and BoD members are listed elsewhere. NTxPCC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
In addition to expanding existing programs, NTxPCC is getting involved with Health Fairs and started a survivor-manned Patient Resource Center in Fort Worth. Currently, Tom Dillon is taking care of Health Fairs, while Wolfram is coordinating Coalition programs (Coalition Website and Coalition Programs).

Screening Support

The Screening Support program has met its initial goals:
- Flyers for upcoming screening events were distributed during our first Speakers' Event, a Men's Health Fair at a Church in Mesquite and at Dad Fest.
- A large number of volunteers was made available for all screening events during 2010, including the Cowtown Cruisin' for a Cure carshow in Fort Worth,  screenings at Baylor and Medical City hospitals in both Dallas and Plano, as well as two screening events organized by Urology Research and education Foundation. 
- In addition to providing volunteers, multiple presentations on Early Detection of Prostate Cancer were provided during screening events at Baylor and Medical City hospitals. Presenters were Tom Dillon, Wolfram Blattner, Val Herrera and Justin Sucato.

Poster Program

Coalition programs can't do without the assistance of flyers, posters and brochures.  In addition to flyers passed out for screening support and a flyer advertising coalition capabilities, a brochure entitled (Get Educated About Prostate Cancer) as well as information on Coalition program was printed and distributed to physicians working at hospitals affiliated with our Coalitions. The Coalition flyer (PDF) is available to be distributed by any member of our support groups.

Initial Speaker Event

The first speaker event of the coalition was off to a good start. It was held April 12 at  the Knights of Columbus in Plano. The session was presented by Justin Sucato who talked about the value of early detection in the treatment of prostate cancer. The session was well attended with over 50 men applauding the presentation. The presentation is available to church and men's groups within the Metroplex and is also available in combination with screening events to medical institutions affiliated with our Coalition.
screening events: before, during and after the event. The program was implemented in time to support June screenings at Dadfest and at the Men's Health Day at Baylor, Plano in June.

Our first Combined Speaker program was added on September 1, 2009 in combination with the 1st Annual PC Survivor Celebration event held by Baylor/Dallas. Publicity efforts by the Coalition resulted in an attendance of about 150 survivors and spouses. Leaders and survivors from all support groups were present. A second Survivor Celebration in 2010 attracted close to 200 survivors and spouses. - Our first Prostate Cancer Symposium in April 2011 featured Dr. Alan Partin (Johns Hopkins), as well as Dr. Pat Fulgham (Urology Research) as well as a local survivor and author, Robert Hill. A second symposium is scheduled for May 2012.

Health Fair Support - NTXPCC is supporting Health Fairs. We served a number of Health Fairs approaching us to participate. We will increase Health Fair support efforts as soon as we find more volunteers.

Long Term Survivor Program - The Long Term Survivor program was implemented to better serve fellow survivors with specific emphasis towards men who are the most underserved: the newly diagnosed. In addition to workshops and classes specifically addressing newly diagnosed men, we created a list of long-term survivors willing to share their personal experience with their own treatments and side effects.

Similarly, we offer a survivor chat (Let's Talk on Tuesday ... about Prostate Cancer) where survivors - newly diagnosed, newly treated or recurring - can meet with LTS members face to face. This group meets every Tuesday, 10 am-2pm, at Harris Hospital in Fort Worth.

Working Towards a Coalition

Chairpersons of the Prostate Cancer Information and Support groups in the Metroplex met on February 17, 2009 to vote on programs to augment the individual group efforts in three areas. The main programs implemented were

The Speakers' Bureau - This program will provide basic information and insights from prominent survivors on the importance of early detection in a presentation to healthy men’s social and religious organizations. The program was implemented in April 2009 and is also used in support of screening programs.

Screening Support - Survivors need to be more involved as volunteers for screening events: before, during and after the event. The program was implemented to support June screenings at Dadfest (June), the Men's Health Day at Baylor, Plano (June) and the Cruisin' for a Cure Carshow (September). Screening support has been extended to Baylor/Dallas, Medical City/Dallas, Medical Center of Plano, TH Presbyterian/Plano, Texas Oncology/Fort Worth, Richardson Methodist and some smaller events. 
Purpose of Coalitions

Coalition Intentions 


BoD = Board of Directors (Meeting Minutes); PR = Program Review; AM = Annual Meeting Minutes

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